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Useless facts and history about monokoma's projects and activities

Hey! Welcome to this HUB page about the human mostly known online as "monokoma". My name is Luca, I was born in Italy in 1983, the same year in which the legendary videogame crash reset the gaming industry in North America. Many years passed and I’m currently living with my girlfriend near Lake of Como (still in Italy), trying to live doing what i love the most: playing videogames, listening to spastic music, reading interesting books and manga, watching weird movies, scratching my hands while skateboarding, cultivating our home garden, helping people with their websites, drawing comics no one will ever read, researching about less known topics i like and sharing what i found with the world. With efforts, patience and downshifting I'm trying to find my way to live free from a traditional job, to spend my (short) time in this world following what really makes me happy. As wrote by Guy Debord in 1953 on a wall on the Rue de Seine: “Ne Travaillez Jamais”.

While I published my first website in 1998 and used many different nicknames online during the late ‘90s and early ‘00s (SNES, NeSs, mono, mononess), I chose my beloved nickname “monokoma” in 2003. What does it mean? It’s a long story, but to make it short the name is composed of “mono” from Ancient Greek μόνος ‎(mónos) as in “alone”, “only”, "one against many", “unique”, plus “koma” from Ancient Greek κῶμα (kôma) as in “deep sleep”, “lethargy”, “i never sleep enough” and “i’m probably not listening to you right now and thinking about something random”. Also, this name combination was marked as Pinkal (Type B) in Phantasy Star Online Ep I&II SectionID system, a name i needed to find better magic items and weapons for my never-forgotten FOrce character.

Since the late ‘90s i keep writing online, publishing content, researching about obscure games, manga, movies and music. Here you can find a summary with my current projects, major websites, contacts and random info.

Latest & active projects

This is what i'm currently spending most of my time on

freelance web & seo

Helping people with Wordpress websites, social interactions, online marketing, writing great content and User Search Experience Optimization.


A collective archive for lost videogames I founded in 2001. We research about games that could be forgotten, for curiosity, historic and artistic preservation.

Games You Will Never Play

A crowd-sourced book about video games you will never play, with more than 45 authors from all over the world, edited by me. Published on, and more.


A well-thought Youtube channel for alternative video game essays and critics, focused on original researches, weird games and little-known facts. In Italian.

Amazon Associates

By writing and optimizing awesome articles about different topics i help people to find what they need and get passive income to support my activities.


Thanks to a large home garden, a greenhouse, rainwater harvesting, composting and a near woodland i grow fresh vegetables and fruits.


A personal historical video archive to remember games played with friends, spastic music, weird movies and more random stuff.

Weird Games for You

I manage the “Weird Games For Your Pleasure” Steam Curators’ page, to help gamers interested in strange games to discover interesting original titles on Steam.

4+ Multiplayer

I manage the “More Than 4 Local Multiplayer” Steam Curators’ page, to help gamers with many friends to discover new games on Steam that support more than 4 players local multiplayer.

Random Books

I published a few random books on Amazon, writing about life, society, dreams, death, boredom, suicide and other topics no one really cares about. More books will be published sometime in the future.

future plans

More projects are planned for the future: to expand passive income strategies, indie games, weird comics, breeding hens… still not sure if i’ll ever have enough time for everything i’d like to do.

Archives & old stuff

Just a few old projects and activities i spent my time on years ago

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